All In The Spider Family


With less than 3,000 students on campus in a given year, the Spider family is a small, but very tight-knit community.

Senior linebacker Madison Day is well aware of how deep those Spider connections run after having the opportunity to gain incredibly valuable work experience thanks to two Spider alums.

Day, a Robins School of Business graduate, is currently in his second straight summer working with Boxwood, a boutique sell side investment bank and private equity group that works out of Shockhoe Bottom here in Richmond.

The Midlothian, Va. native has worked alongside Brian Alas, a former Spider baseball standout, and under managing director Pat Galleher, another Spider alum.

“I’m really appreciative and excited to be back as a summer associate with such a great group again this summer,” Day said. “I’ve been able to have the flexibility to continue to train at a high level for football, all while gaining necessary and relevant experience to further my career in finance.”

In just Day’s first week back at Boxwood, he was able to continue work on two projects that included pitches alongside Alas and two other interns that the group had worked on last summer.

“Having the experience to see a deal from start to finish in an internship role is extremely rare, so being able to see these deals up close and work on them throughout has been and will continue to be a tremendous experience. I’m grateful for Boxwood and the experience I wouldn’t be able to get at many places,” Day said.

Once a Spider, Always A Spider.

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