Brotherly Bond

Two days ago this team, this family, walked out on the court to play for the Atlantic 10 Championship.

From the very first point, we brought all of the energy, hard work and passion we built over the last eight months.

Four hours later, we came up just short of our main focus, winning the A10 Championship and a NCAA tournament berth. The loss stung and it still stings. Who knows how long it will.

But as I’ve taken the last two days to reflect on the loss and our season, I learned something that I never saw coming.

Everyone is quick to say that you can accomplish anything with hard work and dedication. I know my team put in all the blood, sweat, and tears we possessed in order to win a championship. The truth is, at the end of the day, there is no amount of training or heart that can ever guarantee a championship.

And that’s just fine, because after countless days of pain, conditioning and hard work with your team I think you’re guaranteed a hell of a lot more than a championship.

We walk away from this year as a family, as brothers who did anything and everything to build each other up. We broke records together, we gained and we lost together. On and off the court a bond has been built that transcends a championship loss, a record-breaking season and a college sport.

This team, this family; Jacob, Alex, Canyon, Stathi, Jonny, James, Brice, John, Klein, and Matthew, our hard work never guaranteed a championship. Our commitment to each other every day in practice or in matches never promised us any result.

Instead, it left us with friendship as tested and true as it comes; friendship that lives on after our last match on court together.

So thank you, for being my brothers; for fighting for me and with me. Now get out of the van and give me three spiders!

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