Dear Mom

To the mom who somehow the manages to do it all:

I am humbled by your generosity, thankful for your friendship, and grateful for your support.

Seeing you treat every single one of my teammates like your own child made me realize how lucky we were to have you as our team trainer, therapist, chef, and fan. Your selfless attitude is truly inspirational, and I’m fortunate to have a mother who will simply help another person without asking for anything in return. You treated my teammates as family, and I can’t thank you enough for taking them in anytime they needed anything.

I appreciate and value our friendship. The fact that we can both be transparent with each other is beautiful, and has allowed our conversations to be meaningful and worthwhile. I love that you have trusted me throughout my adolescence, and I appreciate how approachable you have been to all my friends and teammates.

You are a source of strength. Your financial and emotional support is not overlooked, and we appreciate everything you and the other parents have done.  Going to college 12 minutes away from home seemed to the biggest drawback in becoming a Spider, but it ended up being the most cherished part of my year because of the positive impact you had on my coach, my teammates, and me.

On behalf of the men’s tennis team, happy mother’s day, and thank you for providing all 11 guys with a mom here in Richmond.

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