Finding The Reason

“Everything happens for a reason.”

Growing up, when something goes wrong, that’s what we’re told. A girl breaks up with you, you get cut from a team, your best friend moves away.

“Everything happens for a reason.”

Try understanding that reason when you’re in the middle of the best spring of your college football career and you’re sitting on a doctor’s table being told that you’ll have to have surgery again on the same leg as two years ago.

At that moment, it’s pretty hard to find a reason for everything.

But that’s where I was, for the second time in my career.

Last year, I saw 19 of my teammates go down to season-ending injuries. I felt their pain, I had been through it before. I tried to be a motivator and let them all know we had their backs.

This program, this team. We’re a family. When we put on those Spider helmets and pull those Richmond uniforms over our heads, we have one goal in mind: to win. Without that family, we don’t get to three straight playoffs, we don’t fight through adversity of injuries, we don’t push through coaching changes.

But this group of guys, I’d go to battle with every single day. They are the reason I pushed myself so hard the first time I got injured during my freshman season and they are the reason I will push myself so hard this time around.

I won’t ever understand why I’ve had to deal with two major injuries already in my college football career, but that’s the hand I’ve been dealt.

In my mind, I have two choices, to throw in the towel or fight my way back, put on that Richmond uniform again and take the field better than ever.

There’s really one on choice.

When I’ll be back, we don’t know that yet, but I can tell you one thing.

Along the way, no one will ever push themselves harder than I am going to and no one will be rooting for my teammates louder than I will.

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