My First Hole In One

Senior men’s golfer Keegan Hoff hit his first career hole in one at the Intercollegiate outside Atlanta last weekend.

I had birdied my first hole of the round and was solely focused on trying to shoot a low score to help the team climb the leaderboard in the final round. I played in the same tournament the previous two years, and knew if I could get through the 14th hole with a par, I had an excellent opportunity for a birdie on the par-five 15th hole. Little did I know that the 14th would be the special hole in my round and my tournament.

As I hit the tee shot, I knew it was going to be close because it was hit exactly as I visualized it. I saw it land 2 feet short and right of the hole, take one hop and disappear. It happened so fast and the people by the green started cheering.

It hit me what just happened: I finally got my first hole-in-one.

I had seen many from friends and playing partners, but yet to have my own in the countless par threes I’ve played in my golfing career.

It was a memorable moment as I got high-fives and congratulations on the tee-box from my playing partners. It continued as I was heading toward the green from other groups on surrounding holes and by the green from those people watching around the green.

There was only one negative to it: bad timing.

I am blessed to have parents that love to come watch me play, yet this was one of the very few college golf rounds none of my family members attended. We got a good laugh about the fact nobody was there for that one shot, even though they had seen so many others.

It was a quick experience, one that I certainly will never forget; yet I had many more shots to hit that day in the final round. I quickly had to calm myself and focus on that birdie on the 15th.

But I did remember to put the ball in my bag, just to make sure I didn’t lose it on the next shot.

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