“Fly The W!”

By: DJ Lee, Spider Baseball junior (and die-hard Cubs fan)

Last week we watched the Cubs complete the impossible. Chicago had waited a century, and then some – to put that into perspective, sliced bread was invented 20 years after the Cubs last won the World Series.

I obviously haven’t been around that long so I can only claim to have waited 20 years for the Cubs to bring a championship to Chicago, and most sports fans can probably say the same thing about their team.

Many of my teammates and friends have never seen their favorite teams win a championship in their lifetime, but for young Chicagoans things were different. It wasn’t just that the Cubs hadn’t won a World Series for 108 years, they had created a cyclical roller coaster for fans.

Year in and year out we told ourselves, “This is our year” and by the All-Star break that had turned to, “Maybe next year.”

It was a dependable cycle that ultimately led to disappointment, but Cubs’ fans never stopped believing – even when they were down 3-1 in the World Series with two games still left to play on the road, an obstacle only three teams had ever overcome.

Cubs’ fans hung with their Cubbies, even with another team in Chicago, because we believed through the highs and lows that our moment would come and that it would be worth it, and let me tell you, IT WAS. The party that Chicago threw for our Cubs should give you no doubt about that.

The Cubs World Series Parade was the most attended event ever recorded in our country’s history, let alone the city’s history. Over five million people rallied the streets of Chicago to celebrate the moment they had waited so long for, a celebration that won’t be ending any time soon.



Gene J. Puskar, The Associated Press

Gene J. Puskar, The Associated Press

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