For Love Of The Game

In the middle of cramming for exams, getting extra swings in and trying to catch up with friends, it’s easy for us as student-athletes to lose perspective. To not truly understand how lucky we are to play the sport we love or to get the quality education that we are provided.

That perspective is given to me each fall when my teammates and I spend a day with the Miracle League here in town.

I’ve been lucky enough to be a part of the event for the past four years and this year was just as special as the rest.

There’s something about baseball that truly brings out the joy in your childhood. That love of playing the game is evident no better than the kids of the Miracle League, who don’t let anything hold them back.

Being in a wheelchair or any other obstacle that life threw their way, none of that will stop them from playing the game they love with their friends.

My teammates and I were thanked continuously by the children and parents, but honestly, we should be the ones thanking them. Thanking them for letting us spend four hours with some of the best smiles and loudest laughs you’ll ever hear. Thanking them for truly showing them how to live life, no matter what curveballs are thrown at you.

I’ve spent my offseason getting surgery and going through rehab, and thanks to kids like Brady and all of his teammates, I’ve been given another dose of perspective and just how lucky I am to put on a Spider uniform and play the game I love every day.

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