For Those Who Got Me Here

With Thanksgiving this week, Spider Voices asked several Richmond student-athletes what they were thankful for this year. Today, men’s golf’s Jason Park shares what he is thankful for.


For Those Who Got Me Here
After I had committed to Richmond, everyone started to tell me that college would go by quick and to enjoy it while it lasted, because it will be one of the best four years of my life. They were more than correct and now I can’t believe I’m on the final 18 of my college career and about to enter the real world. There are so many memories that I have made and will forever remember. Like the time, in my freshmen year, when I sank an 80 foot putt on the last hole to sleep on my coach’s king sized bed and coach got stuck with the air mattress during our trip to Pinehurst, North Carolina. Of course there is the trip to Ireland and being there to witness our hard work pay off with the team win; as well as my teammate and roommate, Matt Lowe, winning medalist honor. However, all of these memories would not have happened if it weren’t for some special people in my life. For that reason, I want to take the time to thank them.

To my parents Ro Ha and Mi Suk Park, thank you for all the sacrifices that you made for me. You all must have loved your three kids so much to run the restaurant almost 90 hours a week at one point to support us.

To my older brother, Daniel, and my older sister, Lisa, thank you for being such great siblings. You all practically raised me while mom and dad were busy working. I will forever be your baby brother though.

To my instructor and life coach, Paul Sargent, thank you for helping me develop the skills to play golf at the Division I level. On the other hand, thank you for making me realize that there is more to life than golf.

To my head coach, Adam Decker, I can’t thank you enough for bringing me in on your team. I would not have thought about coming to UR if you had not reached out to me. Furthermore, I would not have the opportunities that a degree from UR provides.

To my teammates who came into Richmond with me, Keegan Hoff and Mark Reilly, thank you for always being there for me. When life was a struggle, you all helped me get back up. I am going to miss living with you guys next year.

Finally, to the rest of my current teammates and coaching staff, Andrew Sciarretta, Ben Wanichek, Tim Graham, Zack Justice, David Germann, and Ken Hart, thank you for making this final year a special one. Let’s go get that conference championship boys!

-Jason Park, senior, Men’s Golf


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