With Thanksgiving this week, Spider Voices asked several Richmond student-athletes what they were thankful for this year. Field Hockey’s Hannah Thomson and women’s basketball’s Karleigh Wike share what they are thankful for.


“I am thankful for my amazing family because without them, I would not be where I am today.  They are my biggest support system, and will drive 8 hours to come to every game, no matter if I am playing 3 minutes or 30.  They are my rock, and I am thankful to have been blessed with such a great family.” -Karleigh Wike, junior, Women’s Basketball


“Besides the obvious, family, attending Richmond, I am thankful for the Spider families that have been so generous to me. As my hometown is London, England, it is not always easy for me to travel home for spring break or Thanksgiving. Fellow Spiders have “adopted” me allowing me to see Hershey (Pa.), Atlanta, and Harrisburg. The Spider Hockey families treat me as their own as they, invite me to dinner, make me care packages, cheer on the sidelines, and for this I am so grateful.” –Hannah Thomson, junior, Field Hockey