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Spider student-athletes take full advantage of resources that the University of Richmond provides during their summer months with either study abroad programs or internships abroad, or staying in the U.S. to take classes and gain work experience.

This entry was written by rising juniors Jordan Angers and Ave Grosenheider, who are both doing internships in London.

Hello from London!  Both of us are extremely excited to be doing 8-week internships abroad this summer in central London. While we have yet to perfect our British accents or try fish and chips, we have had plenty of other experiences that has made our time here memorable and worthwhile (and we’re not even halfway done yet!)

Jordan’s Internship
I’m interning with a startup company called mOm Incubators, a medical technology company that is working on the first ever inflatable neonatal incubator.  mOm’s CEO, James Roberts, developed the product to help populations in refugee crises and developing countries treat premature births, a problem resulting in over a million preventable deaths each year.  I’m working on market research and grant funding, but I’ve also had the opportunity to work on other team tasks and sit in on company meetings.  Just in the first three weeks, I’ve learned so much.  My favorite part of the internship has been experiencing the culture of a startup company.  The excitement and passion in the office everyday is inspiring.

Ave’s Internship
I’m interning at a legal platform for startups called Linkilaw. We work directly with startups in incorporating their companies, drafting their contracts, and setting up their websites to meet all of the legal ramifications of owning a business. With nearly 600 startups incorporating in London per day, we stay extremely busy. As an intern, I spend my workdays days writing internal blog posts, conducting legal sessions with clients, and drafting contracts, which is more fun than it may sound! I really enjoy getting to hear about all of the startups around London before their businesses are up and running.

There are so many things to do in London!  It can be a little overwhelming so we try to plan ahead and make sure we hit some new things each weekend. We got most of the touristy stuff done in the first few weeks (Buckingham Palace, Tower of London, Big Ben, British Museum, and of course, the Warner Brothers Studio Tour of Harry Potter), so now we’re able to experience local things that our coworkers recommend.  Our favorite thing to do is food markets.  The best one is Borough Market because it’s full food stands with amazing food (and free samples!!).  Sometimes all of our planning falls through and we end up walking around London slightly lost, but that’s when the best things happen, like discovering the best iced lattes we’ve ever had!

A large part of our days are spent exploring new places to run in London, especially on the weekends.  We love that navigating London is so easy because of the extensive tube system.  We can just hop off at one stop, run till we’re done, and then hop onto a stop that’s normally just around the corner.  London also has plenty of parks to run, so we never get bored running the same routes.  Hyde Park in central London is full of beautiful trails that cover miles.  There’s always a bunch of people there running, horseback riding, and canoeing on the Thames.

London has been great!  With so much to do and see and eat, the next five weeks will surely fly by!

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