Summer in the Big City

By: Hope D’Orsi, Senior, Women’s Lacrosse

This summer I left my University Forest Apartment for a Manhattan studio and swapped a yellow lacrosse ball for a yellow taxi.

I landed an internship with Women’s Health Magazine at the corporate office of the parent company, Rodale Publishing, which meant I was moving to New York City for the summer. Located in bustling Midtown, Manhattan, Rodale Publishing is home to brands such as Women’s HealthMen’s HealthRunner’s World, Bicycling and Prevention.

After accepting my internship in the spring, I began the hunt for a short-term lease in NYC with a fellow UR classmate and friend, Haley. Luckily, within a few weeks of searching we found the perfect studio in the Murray Hill section of NYC in close proximity to both of our offices. It did not take long after moving in to learn that weekend construction workers begin drilling at 7am, the nearest Starbucks’ morning playlist consists of pump-up hip hop music, bathrooms in Central Park are nearly impossible to find and a six block commute can be the envy of your co-workers.

My position has allowed me to work closely with the sales and marketing team, gaining valuable insight on the print-advertisement process, as well as building client relationships. A trustworthy relationship between sales reps and target advertisers is crucial. Rodale’s mission statement, to “inspire health, healing, happiness, and love in the world” is embraced throughout the company and, as a result, client relationship building activities include healthy dining, spa trips and workout sessions. The environments of these activities allow for sales reps to make personal relationships with their clients, which foster successful advertising collaborations and contribute to overall growth and success of the company.

As digital advertising continues to challenge print, Rodale is responding by seeking strategic alternatives, which includes a potential company sale. Since this announcement by CEO Maria Rodale, in July, I’ve noticed a certain level of uneasiness among office employees, stemming from a sense of lack in job security. The print industry as a whole is being forced to adapt to the growth of digital media. Similarly, throughout the summer I’ve been faced with challenges and have adapted to change, and as a result have experienced an immense amount of personal growth.

From navigating the NYC subway system, busy train stations and major airports, I have become more of an independent traveler. Through guided NYC food tours with my nutritionist co-worker, I’ve acquired an appreciation and love for unique cuisine. As an athlete with a connection to Rodale’s mission statement, I’ve diversified my workouts with classes such as kickboxing, Soul Cycle, ballet barre, cardio dance, POP Pilates and yoga. With the lessons I’ve learned at Rodale and in New York City, I am eager to return for my senior year at Richmond, and undoubtedly better prepared for what my future holds.

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