What I Did This Summer: Kim Egizi

By: Kim Egizi, Senior, Women’s Lacrosse

This summer, I have had the opportunity to work at Team IMPACT in Quincy, Ma. In just 5 short weeks, I have learned the amazing things that a college team can do for more than just their student-athletes. Team IMPACT is a non-profit organization that improves the quality of life for children with different life threatening and chronic illnesses by matching them with college sports teams all over the country. The children, mostly between ages 5-15, face a wide variety of illnesses. Each child becomes a new member on a team’s roster. By surrounding them with a team of college athletes, they feel part of something and receive a new form of support while facing their day to day medical struggles. Team IMPACT currently has 1,200 matches over 46 states, and is still continuing to grow each day.

My role at Team IMPACT has been to help organize data and information as the company continues to grow and make changes. I have recently started to help form ideas for the “On-Campus Ambassador” role for colleges with or without matches. I have also been fortunate enough to listen in on phone calls and meetings. During the phone calls, caregivers explain what their child and family is going through in order to ensure the best possible match and then the Relationship Managers relay this information to potential teams in their regions. It has been eye-opening to hear the stories of these families and the strength they have through each day.

In addition to the office work, I took a trip with a few Relationship Managers to Boston Children’s Hospital to listen as they presented to social workers about the program. It was awesome to learn even more about the program and hear new stories that leave you with goosebumps. Last week, I attended a gala for the nonprofit, Scholar Athletes, at the TD Garden where the Bruins and Celtics play. Scholar Athletes is a nonprofit in Boston that supports academic achievement through athletics for high school students. Like Team IMPACT, they use the power of athletics to improve quality of life. I have also enjoyed the beautiful scenery of boats, the ocean and the Boston skyline at Marina Bay in Quincy sitting outside for lunch each day.

As a student athlete, I have been a part of teams all of my life. The friendships that you make, support that you gain and lessons that you learn go way beyond the sport itself. This is what you see through each relationship at Team IMPACT. It provides the children with friends, a support system and opens the student-athletes eyes to a new perspective on life. This is what I have learned through just 5 weeks at my internship and something that I will take into my senior year as a student-athlete at Richmond.

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