What’s In A Number – #21 Jonathan de Marte

“What’s In A Number” is the latest addition to SpiderVoices. In this feature, we’ll dive into the meaning behind some of the numbers that Spiders wear on their backs. This week, baseball player Jonathan de Marte explains the meaning behind his #21.

Growing up my favorite number has always been 8. I used to be a catcher and I am a New York Yankees fan, so I wore 8 for Yogi Berra. Once I got to Richmond, a player in the class above me wore number 8, so I had to make an invested switch.

My brother, Matthew, is the biggest Cubs fan I have ever met, and he idolizes Sammy Sosa. Matthew wore 21 his entire life. As a tribute to Matthew, I chose 21 and have worn this number throughout my career at Richmond (all six years).


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