What’s In A Number – #5 Meaghan Carrigan

“What’s In A Number” is the latest addition to SpiderVoices. In this feature, we’ll dive into the meaning behind some of the numbers that Spiders wear on their backs. This week, soccer player Meaghan Carrigan explains the meaning behind her #5.


I have worn the number 5 for a good majority of my soccer career. My dad played baseball at Villanova and he was number 5 so the number has always been special to me.

My dad has been one of my biggest fans since I started playing sports and he’s always there for me. He was probably the biggest supporter of me playing sports when I was younger because I looked up to him so much. I thought it was amazing that he played baseball and college from a young age. I knew I wanted to be like him and play a sport in college.

That’s what being number 5 means to me.

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